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Our Specialities

Web Development

Mobile Responsive, Designed for conversions, On-page SEO, App development

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Digital Marketing

Marketing automation, Email Campaigns & PR management / Content marketing

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Database Management

Blockchain, Cyber security, IT networking, & Cloud Stack Management

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Zigr Inc. is an Iot consultancy located in West Covina California USA.  We provide Digital solutions in Web Development, Marketing, Funding, Business Strategy and Product development to take any idea and turn it into a creation and viable service or product that is successful in the market place.  


We are great at Social Media Marketing, Growth Hacking & Ad campaign management we specialize in Automation, Content Creating and Targeting Methods to get the exposure your business deserves. Creating attention demanding pages that increase brand loyalty, following & engagement. With access to best influencers & statistics we drive interest to scale any audience with precision. Increasing brand awareness with more conversions is our core focus.

Web | App Development

With our Web | App development team we design the most creative sites & apps focused on User Experience (UX) that help solve today’s issues in the high Graphic demand market place. Our Experienced full stack developers are ready to develop apps in both React and Swift languages while also integrating VR/AR with A.I. We provide an All-Inclusive approach to App building that includes; App Prototypes, Monetization Methods, App hosting, Content Delivery Systems, Prototypes and in-house patenting with our legal team For both Android and Apple OS.

According to a study done by WordStream, 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store in one hour within five miles. Get Better Placement on google, drive traffic and increase exposure by Letting Zigr™ Manage your Search Engine Marketing. With our SEM Management we focus on the Best ROI on Long Trail Keywords, Content Structure,  targeted clicks based on Analytics and Big Data to increase positive cash flow to your business in lean fashion.

STO's & ICO's

Are you looking to launch a  Security Token Offering (STO)? Having experience with many exclusive advertising channels specific to the cryptocurrency niche we strategically formulate the best possible course for your ICO or STO. Implementing digital marketing we transition companies to the Blockchain community using Paid Advertising, Growth Marketing Strategies, Staple Trade Shows, Publications and community management in the crypto-space. Providing maximum exposure to dedicated investors we transform the way people look at crowd funding and revolutionize traditional finance. We offer end-to-end development with blockchain architecture, API Integration, Crypto to Fiat exchange and cold wallet custody.

KYC & Compliance

We Provide know your customer software that includes facial recognition, Bio-metrics, 2 factor authentication and can be connected via blockchian to collect ID verification from users to pass the current government compliance standards including GDRP, Privacy policies and Copyright.

Seed Funding & Networking

Russell Branson Creator of Clickfunnels said that knowing your ideal client is the first step to success. Achieve the right network with ease by ordering networking services from Zigr Inc. Customized Events, Venues, Affiliate Programs, and Team Management Systems to take any business to 7 Figures and beyond. Our In-house solution comes with team training, sales motivation, & digital marketing techniques. We provide pitch materials, business coaching and connections to private investors, venture capital, and strategic equity partners to get your startup the funding it needs to grow. 

Customized Dashboards & Affiliate Structures

We design and implement customized dashboards, employee portals, & automation software to work with libraries and secure database connections. Are you looking to scale your business we are experts at affiliate marketing, influencer marketing  and CPA Networks. We can build customized marketing funnels built for lead generation or sales conversion from e-commerce to learning webinars and membership sign-ups. 

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Work with us to Pursue your vision. We have a dedicated team to facilitate all projects rather it be a directory portal for employees or a massive e-commerce platform we can manifest it into a reality.