Founder of Zigr Inc speaking at a Startup Network Event at the Beverly Hills Tennis Club
Founder of Zigr Inc speaking at a Startup Network Event at the Beverly Hill Tennis Club 

Message from the founder,

"Zigr is a boutique advisor for the next generation of top earners on the F.I.R.E Financial Independence, Retire Early, Movement."

The elite grow wealth, acquire established business and own cash flowing real estate. They leverage OPM “Other people's money” using the same strategies we teach our clients to make double digit returns year after year.

Startups up Pitching to Strategic Capital Partners 

Not only are we a market maker, financier and industry disruptor, we offer exclusive access to a dealroom for family offices, private equity firms, asset managers, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs looking to buy or sell a business.

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Along with networking events we feature educational material to help guide you through your next acquisition, sale or capital raise. This combined with invaluable guidance and data points allow you to become distinguish in your vertical.

Private Dinner & Networking C-Suite Meetups at Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay
Reach out to us we are here to navigate you through your next deal!

- Specializing in #SPACs, #RTOs, and #LBOs.

Apply by December 1st 2021 to gain access to:

Our Z Accelerator Program EXCLUSIVELY through GUST