We assist business owners with the process of preparing the business for sale, including any help necessary on the creation and analyzation of financial models to match market valuation and work on ensuring all financials and forward projections are clean and ready for market analysis and review. We also coach and prepare business owners for initial buyer/seller conversations.


Determine the CASH FLOW of the business

Discretionary Earnings are the Net Earnings of the business, before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization, plus Manager's Salary and other non-recurring expenses. Only adjust for expenses listed on financial statements used for your valuation. For the current year, please estimate earnings for the full twelve months to ensure a proper valuation.

We provide sound reasoning in a noisy marketplace by helping you understand your options as an entrepreneur.  


Positioning Scalability

We prepare all teasers, pitch decks, executive summaries and offering memorandums, as needed, for our clients. We use a systematic approach to providing only the necessary data to prospective buyers to interest them, not to bore them. We take input from our clients when creating this collateral, and through this collaboration, provide an in-depth, but only high level, analysis of the company that highlights the company’s value propositions.


Growth Capital & Leverage

We believe in using other people’s money to get deals done – in fact – we have a large number of lending partners that can do deals in the tech, Internet, and digital space, regardless of size – from as small as $100k to as large as $75M. We handhold buyers throughout the lending process, and control their interactions with underwriting teams to ensure they don’t make mistakes.

A buyer that goes directly to a lender on their own has a very low likelihood of success, but one that works with us and our lending partners will be in a much better position to be successful since we do hundreds of millions in bank loans every year. While our clients are not heavily involved in this process, this part of the process is extremely critical to the closing process.

List of Options Available
  • Accelerator Programs & Incubators
  • Startup Kits & Free Services
  • Grants / Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI's)
  • Stated Income Loans
  • Credit Unions- 0% APR 12 to 18/m terms
  • E-commerce Line of Credit
  • Equity financing/ Share loans
  • Contract lending for Government contractors
  • NO PG Business Line of Credit
  • Merchant Cash-advance
  • SBA Express & 7(a)
  • USDA loans
  • Asset-based loans
    Eligible Collateral: Real Estate,Equipment,Inventory,AR

Step 4:

Creating a Success Exit Strategy

Many clients come to us to help them strategize on the best possible time to take their business to market. We will sit down with the client, put together a plan that works for the client’s timeline, and peg a date for execution of the strategy. Business owners find this useful because they tend to be goal-oriented and this process helps them focus on an end-game.

We feature a comprehensive database with Negotiation Experts,Tax Specialist, Attorneys, Financiers and Investors tied to buyers and sellers with an End-to-End Solution.

Offer Process

During the process, one or more offers will come in. We go through each offer received with our clients to explain what each provision means and to analyze pros/cons. If there are multiple offers, we help to determine which buyer is best suited from a personality, financial capability, and overall standpoint. As an example, there are times when it might make sense to go with an offer that actually is lower in enterprise value, but better in long term vision. We go through all of this with our clients so that they can make an informed decision before taking the big step of going under contract with a buyer.

Deal Documentation

We have a set of template documents for just about every situation that we provide to our clients and buyers to help facilitate the process. This can help keep expensive lawyer costs down. These docs are more focused on the tech and real estate  so that when lawyers are finally added to the process, there’s very little need to add specifics to the documents as it relates to this space.

Conducting Due Diligence

We assist with the process of putting a prospective buyer and business ownership under contract (usually an LOI). Once under contract, we create and manage a full service, secure data room for the sharing of information and to manage the facilitation of diligence items. Oftentimes a lot of questions arise from our clients on how to answer diligence questions – we help provide guidance, which in the end helps make the entire diligence process smoother.


M&A advisors to jump in on any deal to help facilitate negotiations. During the sale process, at various times during the stage of the deal, money may need to exchange hands, from deposits to holdbacks to escrow etc. We connect our clients to experts in the space to assist with the flow of funds in each deal to ensure they are done timely and correctly.

Prior to closing, the parties will get together to discuss what the transition of the business should look like after closing. We help the parties think about this process, and to put a plan together to efficiently transition the business to the buyer. We understand that transition can be stressful, but by putting a plan together with a timeline, and using our expertise in having worked on so many of these over the years, all parties can be on the same page and transition can move smoothly through the process.

A Win-Win scenario when Closing with Zigr !

Ultimately, after diligence is complete and the definitive agreements are negotiated, it is time to sign the purchase agreement, fund the deal and proceed to closing. We are there every step of the way to ensure that all boxes are checked with the banks, equity providers, attorneys, accountants, due diligence experts and anybody else on the closing committee.

Apply by December 1st 2021 to gain access to:

Our Z Accelerator Program EXCLUSIVELY through GUST