Working With You To Preserve The Legacy! 


We assist business owners with the process of preparing the business for sale, including any help necessary on the creation and analyzation of financial models to match market valuation and work on ensuring all financials and forward projections are clean and ready for market analysis and review. We also coach and prepare business owners for initial buyer/seller conversations.


Determine the CASH FLOW of the business

The key to selling a business is sound financials and the data behind what makes the business work. We use this by evaluating the SDE (Seller’s Discretionary Earnings), which can be the EBITDA (Earnings, before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization,) plus Manager’s Salary and other non-recurring expenses. By adjusting for expenses listed on financial statements we can build a valuation. To ensure a proper valuation its best if the you have past tax returns, P&L statements, balance sheet for each year and an executive summary from the start.


Positioning Scalability

We prepare all teasers, pitch decks, executive summaries and offering memorandums, as needed, for our clients. We use a systematic approach to providing only the necessary data to prospective buyers to interest them, not to bore them. We take input from our clients when creating this collateral, and through this collaboration, provide an in-depth, but only high level, analysis of the company that highlights the company’s value propositions.


Growth Capital & Leverage

We provide bespoke funding solutions and growth capital to give businesses owners access to possibilities to scale the business. We breakdown all funding options and assist in the lending process, and we aid control with their interactions when addressing underwriting teams to ensure they don’t make mistakes.

A buyer that goes directly to a lender on their own has a very low likelihood of success, but one that works with us and our corporate credit and lending partners will be in a much better position to be successful since we do hundreds of millions in bank loans every year. While our clients are not heavily involved in this process, this part of the process is extremely critical to the closing process.

Step 4:

Creating a Successful Exit Strategy

Many clients come to us to help them strategize on the best possible time to take their business to market. We will sit down with the client, put together a plan that works for the client’s timeline, and peg a date for execution of the strategy. Business owners find this useful because they tend to be goal-oriented and this process helps them focus on an end-game.

We feature a comprehensive database with Negotiation Experts, Tax Specialist,  Attorneys,  Financiers and Investors tied to buyers and sellers to offer an End-to-End Solution.