Are You Against Taking Debt/ Seller Financing But Want To Get Paid For Your Company?

We have a solution!

Do You Own A Stagnant, Declining, Distressed Business That Can’t Sell?

We Want To Buy Your Commercial Paper, aka The Business Entity That Your Business Is Attached To! 


Zigr offers a unique solution in which we offer you a chance to get a boost of capital and the ability to start fresh to grow your current business.  This structure allows you to keep operating your business under a new corporation or limited liability company while we pay for your old one! 

Meaning you still get to stay in business! 
  • Must have a minimum of $350k in Gross Revenue;
  • Must have been in business for a full 2 years 
  • 2 Years of Profit & Loss Statements
  • 2 Years of Balance Sheets
  • 2 Years of Bank Statements
  • Last 6 months with a min of $15,000 in monthly deposits
  • Must have 2 Years of Tax Returns
  • Must have a minimum of 15% net margin, with a positive year end.

Additional items that might be requested.

  • A/R reports | WIP
  • Certificate of good standing
  • Incorporation or membership paperwork
  • Organizational docs
  • EIN
➡️ You keep all your hard assets, real estate, inventory, A/R, equipment vehicles etc.
➡️ We cover all closing costs, legal fees and pull the credit reports! 
➡️ Mostly all businesses welcomed except crypto, gambling, cannabis or other risky industries.


We are industry agonistic meaning we don’t care about the nuances or the way you operate the business. The only thing we care about is if the company is bankable!


As long as you make minimal requirements a deal can be made.
People are getting paid $10,000+ per business entity! 

The typical process takes 60 to 90 days:

After filling out a questionnaire we issue an Indication of Interest or Letter of Intent(LOI) to buy the commercial paper, this includes a general price range and structure of how the deal will be conducted.

Due Dilligence
Durning this stage we conduct a financial analysis of all the supporting documentation to see if the business is able to obtain financing of some sort or is worth intrinsic value.

Pre-Qualified Offers
Using the financial statements, banking data and commercial paper we are able to get pre-approvals or pre-qualified offers of funding for the company. Our methods include credit stacking, fin-tech, factoring, traditional lines of credit, working capital and term loans.

Draft Purchase Contract
This all comes down to mutually agreed terms and structure in which certain protocols and language is put in place to protect both the buyer and seller. This typically is either an agreement to become the active majority share holder, CFO and is used to obtain a recapitalization loan (converting equity within the business to debt). The transaction in some cases will not be necessarily seeking transactional funding, but more so of financial products for those that have already been in management.

Transfer Of Ownership
Transfers of ownership takes place temporary, meaning that an appointed director or CFO is placed in position within an older company to personally guarantee corporate debts. Transfer of the company bank account takes place with change of signatories after the original owner has taken out his working capital and profits from the previous business. The bank account is never closed because this is required for underwriting purposes, these are used to gain approvals based on historic deposits. In some in some circumstances our capital will be placed in the account to make sure reserves are in place.

Funding Cycle
Once funding is approved with the new CFO in place a percentage of the capital is place with an escrow agent or through an IOLTA with a corporate attorney. Debt can be sourced from several different institutions, simultaneously in a short time frame, with different criteria, parameters, terms and conditions, limits and interest rates.

Closing & Transfer of Funds
Finalizing the process, past owner's funds are released and full liability is transferred to the new owner/ CFO. The seller gets to walk away with a percentage or fixed amount based on the total funding capability of the commercial paper sold. In some cases seller financing or alternative creative financing methods are used.

Compensation can be as a fixed amount as a percentage, upfront or back-end depending on the quality of corporate assets.

Are You Interested In What We Use Them For?

Learn about the types of high yield debt, valuations, and financial models with use of leverage for calculating rates of return.

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