The Problem:

Millions of people in the United States struggle to learn how to manage credit, save capital, recognize opportunities and have the knowledge and expertise to execute on building generational wealth.

Typically they lack the income and credit to move forward on opportunities that someone in a better place financially could have made consistent returns, expand income streams and build a higher net worth.

Our Solution

We've created a way to work with clients that do not have the minimum amount of capital to hire our services, invest with our partners or that do not have the income to buy income producing assets such as a business or real estate.

  1. We identify key strategies that fit the client's financial and credit profile
  2. We sign a contract that outlines the services and postpone costs based on performance.
  3. We share in the success of the client.

One of these strategies is that we offer a $0 down Credit Repair Program that leads to a Professionally Managed Crypto Fund.  

a) We perform credit repair and educate the client on long-term habits to increase their chance of funding.

b) The client then has the opportunity to engage with one of our partnering institutions via contract.  This Fund provides a 10% return monthly in the form of dividends.

c) We are paid on performance, all costs are factored into a structure that supports the clients long term success. The client pays 10% of the total funding approved, 20% of the performance of the fund is paid to Zigr.

Leveraged Credit Package – Presentation (16:9) by Zigr Inc.

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