Acquisitions through SPAC's, RTO's, Revenue-Based Finance, Convertible Notes & LBO's.

Our business model is entirely based on making investments in you, the Acquisition Entrepreneur, and your investment targets.

You will have the majority stake to help the working capital aspect of the business  but you are primarily responsible for the day-to-day operations and leadership of the company.

We purchase a majority stake of 51% or more of the total equity of the business, on the same terms as you do. This equity is purchased post-acquisition under an agreement that is separate from the debt financing the business attains.

Zigr invests only in the equity of a deal - here is an example of how the math would look on a hypothetical

$2mm acquisition that is leveraged 85%:

Purchase Price - $2mm, 85% Debt / 15% Equity Financing

$300k Equity / $1.7mm Debt

75% of Equity = $225,000 Zigr would invest

What Zigr provides:

  • All the training, systems, procedure, policy and resources to accomplish our 4 phase process.
  • Access to a Rolodex of service providers with proven quality, and rates that have been negotiated down based on scale.
  • Legal, finance, CPAs, Digital marketing, Design and Programming

Ideally we would like to exit and/or help you exit as well. We provide advisory board services on a case-by-case basis such as educational training, staff seminars, marketing materials and digital services to accelerate growth to drive market share.  In certain circumstances in association with our private equity firms and  family offices we offer share buy back clauses in our contracts if you wish to own the company outright once our commitment of the joint venture is finished.  

Apply by December 1st 2021 to gain access to:

Our Z Accelerator Program EXCLUSIVELY through GUST