zigr servers

Zigr is a Secure Reliable hosting provider.

We  focus on the  highest quality of customer services by offering 24/7 support for all of our hosting clients, & priority traffic in Quick 3 step process to get started.

  1. Choose a Package
  2. Authorize Payment
  3. Get Access w/ Follow up

We have our staff trained to handle numerous hosting questions to best fit your needs .  Once Payment is verified we will have our team reach out to you with the information you provided.

Web Hosting Plans

Individual Server Services


Email Options



Economical  Email     $5 


   Email  Exchange      $10



VPS Hosting Options


VPS 4RAM | 500GB | 2Cores                     $30 

VPS 6RAM |   1TB   | 2Cores                      $60

VPS 8RAM |   2TB  | 4Cores |120GB SSD   $100

Zigr OS | 12RAM | 4Cores| 250GB SSD      $180


SSL Options


1 SSL Certificate                       $150/year


SSL Certificate With WIldcard   $200/year



Cloud Hosting Management, Networking & IT Consulting

Cloud Services We Offer:

  1. On-site IT & Networking  Support
  2. Custom Built IT infrastructure
  3. Remote Optimization
  4.  Cloud Management
  5. AWS Training + Setup
  6. Data Analysis
  7. B.a.a.S | P.a.a.S | I.a.a.S

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