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Zigr is a Quantum Secure 

Cloud Hosting Provider.


We  focus on the  highest quality of customer services by offering 24/7 support for all of our hosting clients, & priority traffic in Quick 3 step process to get started.

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We have our staff trained to handle numerous hosting questions to best fit your needs .  Once Payment is verified we will have our team reach out to you with the information you provided.





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500GB Storage

Email hosting

24/7 Support

On Site Backup

Free SSL




1TB Storage

Email hosting

24/7 Support

On Site Backup

Free SSL




2TB Storage

Email hosting

24/7 Support

On Site Backup

Free SSL

What Makes us different?

With the advancement of technology and coding languages cyber attacks and cyber warfare have never been such a greatest threat. Valuable Personal Information and Big Data is stolen from some of the biggest companies, corporations and government agencies due to outdated encryption algorithms, cryptosystems and IT security methodologies. 

We use the New Latest Version of SHA-3 Encryption based on Keccak algorithm to be unhackable or decoded by shor’s algorithm or penetration testing with quantum computing and DDoS attacks. We use a asymmetric key encryption to secure data even if user ID and passwords are compromised through remote viewing or  keystoke memorization and other iot vulnerabilities that are increasing in technology today. 

We use certificates to validate client system into our quantum blockchain networks. Certificate can be obtained through our portal, which is only allowed to download the certificate once for security reasons. This is a hidden step separate from traditional login verification. 

We embrace new discovers in combining Quantum processing power with neural networks in our proprietary quantum cryptosystem that utilizes blockchain in multiple layer encryption and decryption methodologies.  We validate transactions whether it be data or currency transfer through smart contracts by implement hashing functions to approve changes in the chain.  

Zigr offers Private “White Label” Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) that can be integrated with an existing database that your business is currently using to improve database security to prevent data leaks. This private blockchain contains protocol that will link to our artificial intelligence and machine learning libraries to optimize the way data is obtained and used effectively and efficiently in the work environment. 

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SSL Options


1 SSL Certificate                        $75/year

SSL Certificate With WIldcard   $125/year

Cloud Hosting Management, Networking & IT Consulting

Cloud Services We Offer:

  1. On-site IT & Networking  Support
  2. Custom Built IT infrastructure
  3. Remote Optimization
  4. Cloud Management
  5. AWS Training + Setup
  6. Data Analysis
  7. B.a.a.S | P.a.a.S | I.a.a.S