About Zigr Inc.

“Zigr is a one-stop-shop for all services related to the issuance of blockchain-based security tokens”

We assist companies, asset managers and token issuers in customizing legal, strategic and tech solutions in cooperation with our partners to match their business models, comply with regulations and issue security tokens.

Real Estate Assets

A compliant way to raise capital for real asset owners: real estate, commodities, precious metals, machinery and agricultural lands.

Corporate Equities

An innovative fundraising solution, which allows companies of all sizes to sell fractions of their equities.

DIGITAL Securities

Zigr Inc. helps companies to finance their digital transformation, while assisting them in all necessary strategical and technological processes.


Security Token Offering

We enable issuers to achieve a competitive edge in compliance with applicable regulations.

Legal guidance

We assist issuers in obtaining the suitable regulatory approvals and related legal guidance.


We help to setup and deploy tokens using a relevant STO protocol and provide a KYC/AML framework.

Business Services

We optimize the business and operational processes, adapting tokenization to specific business models.

Marketing & PR

We plan, manage and consult clients on all key aspects of executing a private and crowd sale campaigns.

Listing & post STO

We assist issuers in Listing/post STO processes through our large network of partners.



Redefining fundraising by adopting a blockchain solution

Access to liquidity

24/7 markets providing you a global access to liquidity

Accelerate growth

An unprecedented opportunity to achieve growth via tokenization

Fast & efficient

Rapid settlement, low cost and paper free issuance

Fractionalize Assets

Fractional ownership of large or illiquid assets provides efficiency and mitigates risks


Providing trust and reliability for institutional investors to join the crypto-markets

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