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Peer-to-Peer P2P Lending Platform

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Zigr Inc. is designing and developing a Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and financing investment platform that offers an investment and financing product marketplace dedicated to serving small to medium enterprises (SME’s) in Australia, Canada, U.S and parts of Europe. This marketplace with use a combination of broker-dealers for structuring Securitized investments and personal lending in cannabis, real estate and emerging technologies in high growth areas of the capital markets. Each process will be automated and stored using blockchain and distributed ledger technology, KYC/AML, corporation filings, banking validation, pull credit ratings and help eliminate risks for institutional and private lenders.

Problem & Opportunity

Peer-to-Peer lending has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade as borrowers seek better and more efficient alternatives to banks. The P2P lending marketplace is estimated to grow at 53% compounded annualized growth rate (CAGR) in the next few years. Morgan Stanley predicted that P2P marketplace lending will grow to an industry value of $490 billion globally by 2020 by “leveraging low operating costs, minimal regulations, big data and technology to streamline the lending process and mediate terms for a mobile generation of borrowers who want quick access to cash and the lender next door who is starved for yield.

Addressing the Cannabis Industry for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Cultivators, Operators and Hemp Farmers

The global legal marijuana market is expected to reach USD 146.4 billion by end of 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. Growing adoption of marijuana in several medical applications such as cancer, mental disorders, chronic pain and others is expected to propel revenue growth in near future.

Legal marijuana has started gaining traction worldwide due to very high demand among consumers and increasing legalization of recreational or medical marijuana in various countries. Additionally, high public and private investment for research and the development of safer forms of ingesting marijuana such as tinctures, oils, vapes and other edibles are expected to positively reinforce market growth. The number of conditions treated using medical marijuana is growing rapidly, as new patients are added to the market, the demand for medical marijuana is expected to increase multiple folds over the forecast period. Countries like Canada and the U.S. are moving towards legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes, this in turn is expected to create a shift form medical to recreational marijuana. Lengthy purchase and approval process for medical marijuana prescription and ease of availability of recreational marijuana is expected to trigger this change.

Increasing number of companies operating in the marijuana market is expected to bolster the quantity and variety of products reaching the end users. Products like marijuana oil have started gaining traction over the past few years owing to increased effectiveness and safety as compared to smoking it. Also, the growing research in cannabis industry has led to introduction of new marijuana strains. These advances in new product development is expected to enhance product adoption among consumers. Legal marijuana market is witnessing strong technological and information exchange. Countries like Canada, the U.S., Germany and Australia are expected to emerge as leading markets in terms of sale, whereas, countries like Israel are focusing on research and technology development and are leveraging on knowledge transfer.

Lending for Growers

By product type, marijuana buds segment was estimated to be dominant in 2016 with revenue share of 62.9% and is estimated to be valued at $82.9 billion USD by end of 2025.

Lending for Medical Product Producers

Medical marijuana emerged as the largest marijuana type segment in 2016 and is estimated to be valued at $100.03 billion USD by 2025.

Lending in the Legalization Trends

The global legal marijuana market size was valued at $9.3 billion USD in 2016 and is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 34.6% during the forecast period. The market is expected to witness significant growth owing to legalization in several countries and high demand for both medical and recreational purposes.

Currently right now there are few to little traditional banks and private lenders that offer loans in the cannabis industry. Investment banks and family offices are now starting to invest in cannabis internationally.

Zigr Inc. will provide a P2P lending platform that allows farmers to insure their capital with futures contracts and past performance, equity or non-recourse loans using the property as collateral.

Our Solution

Zigr proposes a proprietary-based, Peer-to-Peer investment and funding platform that directly connects lenders and SME borrowers using online intermediaries with no financial institutions needed. The platform allows for instant and direct lending in a trusted manner using the advantages of AI-driven proprietary credit-rating technology. Lenders can be either an individual or a firm, and so can the borrowers.

The Zigr platform applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine-Learning technologies to the borrower’s information to analyze and develop a credit rating for that borrower, and structure a credit risk-adjusted rate, but in a less complicated way compared to traditional banks using big data and rating agency information. Borrowers meeting platform requirements for creditworthiness can make a loan application specifying loan amount, loan purpose, interest rate level tolerances and other borrower preferences.

These loan requests, once approved by Zigr, are then presented on the platform as investment choices available to potential investors/lenders, who then can assess the borrower’s information provided, as the investor/lender is the one who will ultimately bear the credit risk. Once funded by the investor/lender, load proceeds are transferred to the borrower, with loan repayments commencing according to the terms of the loan which is typically no more than 6 months.

Traditional P2P lending typically requires a third-party intermediary to manage the risk and service loans accordingly, which is very complex and human capital intensive. Many of the challenges to the loan financing process relate to interaction with these third-party intermediaries, because they inherently slow the process down. Zigr platform utilizes AI to perform tasks typically done manually in traditional P2P lending. This removes human error risk, and cuts down processing time dramatically, sometimes to mere minutes or even seconds. By democratizing and decentralizing the P2P lending process and borrower-lender relationship, Zigr will leverage the secure manner of the proprietary to enhance consistency, security and trust, and bring new efficiency to the process by which SMEs are extended credit, including especially the securitization of collateral.

The Zigr platform will also enable a reduction in both time delays and burdensome servicing costs involved in processing loans. Zigr’s proprietary technology provides a powerful solution to all of the challenges inherent in the traditional lending process, such as consistency, transparency, and opportunity for fraud. All transactions obey the rules of the underlying software without exception. Information is singlesourced and standardized instead of existing in multiple data silos across different entities. The immutable trail of changes enables instant audit during all stages of the lending process, cutting due diligence costs significantly. Disintermediation and simultaneous recording of data into the platform boost speed and reduces costs as well.

Product/Service Details

Peer-to-Peer Loans based on Credit worthiness or using risk analysis software through banking API, and offering Business Loans based on Corporate Credit, Age and ability to pay back that can be traded and bought in a secondary market.

Traction & Milestones

  • Established Accelerator Program for Deal-flow
  • Built a Recognizable Brand with Post-Revenue
  • Created White Paper and Concept that incorporates Blockchain, Cannabis and P2P lending

How We’re Different

We bring transparency to shadow banking in a lucrative, more efficient way by using blockchain to securitize investments through smart contracts. Zigr is a solution allowing alternative investment vehicles to be ranked by the 3 big global credit rating agencies: (S&P), Moodys and Fitch Group.

Security Token Offering


Total Raise is $10 Million

Total Token Supply – 30 million with 15M for Public Offering that represents 20% of the company.

3 pre-sales rounds; 3 million tokens each round

Pre-Sale I:

3 million Tokens at a price of $0.50 each for $1.5 million

Pre-Sale II:

3 million Tokens at a price of $0.70 each for $2.1 million

Pre-Sale II

3 million Tokens at a price of $0.8 each for $2.4 million

Main Sale:

6 million Tokens at a price of $1.00 each for $6 million

Softcap: $1M Hardcap: $10M

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