Concrete Manufacture

1975, C-Corp
Gross Revenue:
$ 4,587,081
$ 498,201

Real Estate Attached

Shop, Land

Hard Assets


Government Contractor

MDOT Certified Supplier


The Company provides ready-mix products manufacturer and is a major supplier.  the Company manufactures and supplies ready-mix concrete, aggregate, crushed concrete, precast products, and septic tanks. The Company operates within a 40-mile radius of its plant in Lake Odessa, Michigan.  Owned and operated with two founders 66.67% owner and 33.33% owner.

The company has focused on providing quality products and great service since its inception. Approximately 75% of the Company’s revenue is driven through ready-mix, 20% through aggregate, and the remaining 5% from crushed concrete, septic tanks, and precast products. The typical customers are concrete contractors, farmers, homebuilders, and individual buyers. The Company owns and controls its materials supply, affording it full control over the manufacturing of its products and the ability to introduce operating synergies. It differentiates itself from competitors by offering ready-mix, aggregate, crushed concrete, barrier blocks, precast products, and septic tanks all at a single location/plant. Typically, competitors focus on one or two of these offerings; rarely do they have the capabilities to provide all of these services. The manufacturing process for ready-mix starts with mining for materials in the pit. The company employs pit workers who extract the necessary materials. From there, the materials are combined and weighed. They are then transferred into the ready-mix trucks and mixed with water, creating ready-mix. The ready-mix is then transported by the Company’s drivers to the customer. Aggregate products are mined and processed on site. The remainder of the Company’s products are created from excess ready-mix.

The Company does an outstanding job of turning excess waste into profitable products. It operates in facilities owned through a subsidiary.  The Company operates in an 1,800 square foot office building with 1,200 square feet of office space and 600 square feet of storage, a 5,000 square foot maintenance building, and a 4,000 square foot precast/septic tank building. The office building was built from 1989-1990, the maintenance building in 1994, and the precast/septic tank building in 2002. All buildings are maintained and are in excellent condition. Owners are open to selling or leasing the facilities and land to new ownership.

Reason for Selling:

Retiring, looking to move on

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