What You Can Expect Zigr Inc, and its affiliates to Do with Information it Collects on You: 



All data collected from this site, our Members’ Pages, Social Media Pages, Online Forms, Documents Received as Part of a Transaction, Off-Market Property Data, Information Collected from Forms and Surveys on Any Affiliated Site, Verbal, Phone or E-mail Conversations – will all only be used internally at Zigr Inc. (COMPANIES) for the purposes on conducting business with you.  No information will be disseminated outside of the Companies, or widely within the Companies, unless it is part of a client authorized attempt to obtain funding.  Then information will be securely provided, which is relevant to the transaction, to an authorized representative of one of the Company’s funding partners, or an internal teammate to collaborate on your transaction.

The Company does not ever sell your information, either individually or as part of a data analysis bundle.  Communications are retained strictly for compliance and legal purposes, and will never be distributed unless a regulatory or legal matter requires such.

At Zigr Inc., we work with a wide variety of clients, from small investors to large financial institutions.   We have a deep respect for our clients’ and partners’ privacy and want them to know that we will always act with the greatest discretion and care in the handling of your information, regardless of how it was collected.  Everyone at Zigr has been trained to act accordingly, as the Managing Partners here value the confidence and trust those we work with instilling in us.  Without that trust, we could not effectively do our best work for them.  So we want to make clear how seriously we take your privacy.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at jesse@zigr.io, and make the subject line “Privacy Policy”..