Jesse Mauck

Personal Info

Jesse mauck

In Press
  • Keynote speaker for Doer’s Across America!
  • IDEA’s Panelist
  • Startup Network Guest Speaker and VC judge
  • 50+ clients in the first year.
  • Worked with multiple universities to place students through internships.
  • Successful bought and managed commercial real estate.
  • Successful executed capital raises and business acquisitions through structured finance.
Professional Experience

Diverse background from working in project management, construction management and active senior director of a developer, builder and general contractor in California. Experience working union and non-union, residential and commercial.  He has multiple skillsets that has helped grow startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs with corporate finance and acquisition strategy.

Having achieved over $250,000 in personal and business credit, currently managing and overseeing 100+ homes in development, across 100+ acres, and responsible for co-managing 40+ units in multifamily.

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