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    Want to earn money as an affiliate marketer? We don’t sell just any products we sell a service that helps entrepreneurs, visionaries and business owners reach the dreams they deserve.  We have a team that handles everything on the back end. Our aggressive affiliate marketing structure is built on loyalty & scalability to make millions! Work with a team that cares Bring us leads we will take care of you. Start becoming the best version of yourself by Joining The Zigr club ™ Today! 




The Zigr Club ™  Is more then an affiliate Program Our Members have Exclusive access to a private mastermind facebook group where only serious affiliate marketers, Entrepreneurs, and 7 figure earners reside. In this group topics like Social Media Growth Hacks, Black hat SEO tactics and Cryptocurrency day trading is discussed. No sign ups straight knowledge and tools for those driven towards success. We have a Team dedicated to helping affiliates earn more. 

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Get Access to our  membership with exclusive leading experts in digital marketing & cryptocurrency !

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FAQS and Questions

What does the commissions look like ?

We offer highly a competitive commission structure you earn between 20 to 30% from products/ services  in the store, promoting events and Commission from teams that you build in which we gladly help you build! 

What Does it Cost ?

The price is one payment of  $20 to join

Can I sign up others to the program?

Of course! Our Success is from helping others earn. We pay 80% commission on anybody that you sign up to the Zigr club ™.


Perks & Benefits

We offer a Travel package and Expense pay for those that reach elite Stats in the affiliate program.


What comes with the program?

Marketing tools, Mentoring, and a chance to become financially free !