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What are Traffic Exchange Websites?


A Traffic Exchange Website is a website where its users submit links to their website in order to receive more visits. Traffic Exchange Networks usually have 3 options: The user can browse other member sites by surfing automatically to earn credit, the member can clicking on websites manually or pay for web traffic by submitting a link in rotation. The exchange program to is based on earn credits, which enable their sites to be viewed by other members through the surf system. This increases the number of visitors to all the sites involved.


Almost all traffic exchange programs are free, although many of them offer special features to paid members and offer credits for purchase. Almost all traffic exchange programs encourage users to build their own referral networks, which in turn increases the referrers' number of credits.


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What are the Benefits of using Traffic Exchange Sites?


Some of the Benefits of using traffic exchanges are to increase the about of visitors on a website, increase search page results, increase the amount of email capture leads, to drop affiliate products and to increase the amount of overall sales.


Top Automated Traffic Exchange Websites


Zigr's list of Today's Top Website Traffic Exchange sites

  1. 10k Hits
  2. Hit Leap
  3. Otohits
  8. Manyhits
  9. Link Collider
  10. Autosurfmyth
  11. Lords of Lothar
  15. Noonviewer

Manual Traffic Exchange Websites

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What are manual traffic exchanges?


Unlike automated traffic exchange websites,  Manual Traffic Exchanges require users to solve captcha or a puzzle to continually view other website to earn credit. This concept makes sure that the visitors are actually viewing the ad or website, by using this process user engagement & conversion rates are increased.  Advertising the right VSL (video slide letter) or squeeze page these  manual exchanges can be profitable, scalable & predictable for the advertiser.

Traffic Exchanges for Alexa Ranking

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What is an Alexa Ranking?


Alexa is owned by Amazon since 1999, It's toolbar collects data on Internet browsing behavior and transmits them to the Alexa website, where the data is stored and analyzed. This is the basis for the company's web traffic reporting, including a suite of analytics displaying web traffic data, global rankings, demographics and other linking websites.


Top Alexa Ranking Traffic Exchanges


  1. Rankboostup

Benefits of using Traffic Exchanges for Youtube

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What are the benefits of using Traffic Exchanges for Youtube channels?

Numerous traffic exchanges mentioned above can be used to increase the amount of views on videos & channels. Increasing the amount of views helps rank Youtube videos based on popularity, resulting on an increase in position. Ranking for keywords will increase the amount of real visitors and Goolge placement, this is used for social media optimization, growth hacking and search engine optimization, although be aware that if you are caught you can loose your channel or be banned from Youtube


Top 5 Youtube Viewer Exchange Websites


  1. YouBlaster
  2. ViewGrip
  3. GrowViews
  4. Ytmonster
  5. View2Be
banned from youtube from using traffic exchanges

Risks of using Traffic Exchange websites


  1. You could lose your Adsense account for that the website that is in the exchange network and any Adsense earnings you may have accrued.
  2. Google Analytics will see many (possibly thousands) of visits to your site from the same domain or IP address. These visits will be very short in timing ranging from 3 to 60 seconds resulting in a very high bounce rate and lower dwell time.
  3. With such limited time to view any site, the focus of attention is at the timer to click to the next website so the conversion rates are low. Everyone is there for the same reason you are, whether it is gaining traffic to their site, getting you to join their Business opportunity, gaining a referral, or even just gaining leads. As a result, they are probably not interested in your site.
  4. Traffic Exchanges do scan sites that people want to display, but they can’t catch everything. You could expose your computer to malicious type programs like cryptocurrency mining plugins that the Traffic Exchange didn’t catch. This can be solved by using a splash page, or Landing page, hiding your website from malicious intentions on the Traffic Exchange Network.
banning google adsense with traffic exchange websites

Are Traffic Exchange Networks worth the risk?


Here At Zigr we think so! Traffic Exchange websites give the opportunity for any website to compete with other websites that have high Domain Authority (DA) and Page authority (PA). Meaning that they are great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Affiliate Commissions. We also recommend Traffic bot software as well. If you would like us to set up a Affiliate traffic website or Traffic bot system for your domain feel free to fill out our consultation form.